Growing Plants the easy way 

Growing Plants the easy way 

Good morning gentlemen. Let me tell you something about gardening. I don’t have a green thumb, Nicole doesn’t either, but it’s something we like to do – try to keep plants alive. Our dream is to be able to pick out a few basil leaves for my homemade pizza, a bunch of tarragon for tea, or even a handful of rosemary for roast chicken from my own garden.

So far we’ve killed about 12 different plants in our condo by some mysterious freak death rays. Seriously, we water them  and talk to them regularly. They just shrivel up and die. We hold a funeral for each one, every time. Every time we do this, we shed a tear for the plant that we’ve lost and with 12 dead so far, our passion to learn how to grow plants was fueled. Oh yes, we’re not stopping at 12.

Nicole surprised me with these boxes when we got back from Thailand. Basil, and Zinnia. Each box contains everything you need to start growing the plant on the label. I know what youre thinking…. Super convenient and amazing!

I started to grow the Zinnia, following the instructions to the dot. You can’t be too careful. An additional spray more than the required amount might drown the plants and they may never see the light of day.
Here is how it looked on the third day.

(UPDATE) On the 5th day.

4 have sprouted from the 5 seeds we sowed. Things are looking good. Watering twice a day, morning and later afternoon. Still not exposed to direct sunlight, just place near window. No fertilizer yet.

(UPDATE) Day 7.

I din’t take photos anymore. 2 sprouts have emerged. One was a little bigger than the other one. Looking healthy. Started to put them out to expose them to morning sunlight. Watering regularly, twice a day. Looking good. Hope they grow!

(UPDATE) Day 10.

They died. No surprise there. 😦 I don’t know where I went wrong. Maybe it’s really the place that’s cursed. Or too much sunlight? Was it too early to bring them out for direct sunlight? Or is it too hot inside our home? I’ll have to think of where I went wrong and try again for the other plant. I am determined!



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