How I shave and save tons of money doing so

Good morning gentlemen. Greetings ladies. Shaving is a chore that most men have to go through . Especially for most of us Filipino men who were not gifted with facial hair genes, we have a tendency to grow short, wispy stubbles of hair which make us look like kids trying to grow a beard. So we’re left with picking up after our losses and manning it up. And boy (man) did I discover a gold mine doing so.

But where to start? A visit to your local supermarket would lead you to a corner with every kind/type of razor known to man. Here is what it looks like.


This section typically contains disposable razors with double, triple, or quadruple blades promising a smoother and cleaner shave. There are ones that look like something out of a SciFi movie with movable heads that promise to follow the contours of your face. There are also some different kinds of shaving cream and gels on display that “reduce the irritation”. You can forget all those marketing propaganda and go back to the basics.

Save yourself from the stress and get a simple razor with no fuss. I use a safety razor with a replaceable blade. Yes, it’s the same one your grandpa used to shave his beard with. I don’t have the fancy stainless steel ones, since those cost an arm and a leg but I got one of Gillette’s plastic safety razors for Php 24. That’s it. If the blade goes dull, just replace the blade with a Php 5 one. I usually change the blade every month, or two months, or even three, depends on my usage. The plastic case is very durable and mine has been with me for three years. Talk about durable!

Here’s a quick calculation of the cost of safety razors vs the other options.



  • Razors will be replaced every month
  • Disposable razors have at least 3 pieces per pack
  • Costs based on actual costs in the supermarket
  • Discount rate is 15%

In this case, we are looking at the least negative, or more positive values for NPV. Our safety razor ranked 1 among the other options with negative Php 66, disposable razors are a close second with negative Php 71, and the SciFi razor ranks last with a whopping negative Php 1514 NPV.

So there you have it. Safety razor trumps all other options based on a simple NPV calculation. But then again, it is important to note that the key to getting a good shave is technique. Short strokes with a firm grip will give you the same results as those disposable razors or SciFi Razors. Practice your technique first, master the art of shaving, then we can talk about those electric shavers (for lazy boys).


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