10million ice cream flavors at Carousel Creamery, Greenhills

10million ice cream flavors at Carousel Creamery, Greenhills

Good morning gentlemen and ladies,

Who doesn’t love ice cream? I love ice cream, especially weird flavored ones. Don’t get me wrong, though, every type of ice cream is beautiful.

We got lost (purposefully) in the streets of Greenhills right after our trip to the surreal Mt. Binacayan (see my previous post here) and we stumbled upon this place which has a tasty secret. Well, it’s not a secret anymore since it’s already in the title of this post.


Carousel Creamery has a wide array of ice-cream flavors ranging from ordinary (Vanilla) to WHAT THE FLAVOR?!! (Beer and deep fried pig skin). You can go through all the flavors and taste each one but it will be quite exhausting since they have 10,000 flavors ( I have yet to determine the actual count). But, seriously, just try the ones you might want to have on your plate. You may opt to buy a pint to devour during an emergency, or just get a cone for a quick fix. We got a 3 scoop bowl to enjoy in the cool confines of the place as opposed to the smoldering heat outside. For the flavors, we got Olive and Basil which tasted like freshly made pesto, Coffee and Doughnuts which tastes exactly like sipping on freshly brewed coffee after a bite of honey glazed doughnut (yup, really), and Raspberry Hibiscus which was like walking into a garden with berries and hibiscus flowers all around. Yum! All it took for us to devour these three large scoops was 5 minutes.

And here we are, after a long hike, ready to devour our ice cream!



Here’s a portion of their menu, for your reference.


Not bad at all. Give them a try, and share your favorite flavor in the comments!



Carousel Creamery is located at

8 Missouri St, San Juan, 1503 Metro Manila


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